Who we are

Center for Development CEDE is a private institution that provides consulting services for training, education and information, as well as technical assistance for sustainable development.

The programs or projects are implemented directly with its experts and advisers, involving national counterpart institutions, permanently seeking for cross sector partnerships with follow-up capabilities, and with the participation of the beneficiaries of the program and their authorities.

CEDE develops its cooperation actions in the United States and Latin America, including Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru and Bolivia.

To constitute a forum for agreement and resource canalization, contributing to the invigoration of the democratic process. Fomenting a more rational use of the available resources and of the local capability, the institution favors the participation of the beneficiary population, the agricultural forestry and industrial producers, the private enterprise, the academic and scientific sector, the organizations of the government, as well as the international technical cooperation and the financial agencies for development.

Our team works with a collaborative approach in all the different services we provide, using our extensive experience, both national and international, in the private sector, public organizations and civil society, thus creating tailored solutions.

We are a multidisciplinary team that works in an integrated way by interconnecting the components of all the projects we work on and develop, because we believe that true development is achieved by the integration of the different disciplines each team members brings with them .

To supports productive and social initiatives, in a framework of equity, as well as the conservation of the environment and sustainable development, developing and transfering instruments and strategies to improve the production and organization processes in the diverse areas of society.
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